5AM, Stuck, and Untitled Zombie Project

Hey all,

So it’s been a bit since I’ve updated this. Not sure where to start.

I just passed the 30 minute mark on the rough cut of Stuck, which is great. We did a quick day of pick-ups with two of our actors, and that went well. Getting to some of the funnier scenes, and it’s been making it easier to edit.

I also just got back from Los Angeles with Karen for the Hollyshorts Monthly Screening Series. They screened 5AM, which was awesome. I got to meet Daniel and Theodore, who run the Hollyshorts festivals, and they were great, and super enthusiastic to promote short films. 5AM is screening not only in LA but in Austin, Miami, and New York City. We had a lot of fun at the Chinese Theater, got to see some neat shorts, and I also got to hang with my friends Bryan and Alex, who I haven’t seen in a long while.

We got back from LA on Friday, and Saturday we screened 5AM again, this time at the Katra Film Series. I can honestly say that this was the best reception from a crowd we’ve had at a screening of the short. Julie and I had a lot of fun last night. My friend Sam Garland, who starred in Enchantments, showed up, too. Got to meet a lot of filmmakers, and had a lot of people come by before and after the Q/A to say they enjoyed the short. All in all, a great night.

The big news is, Untitled Zombie Project was accepted to its first festival. We submitted it as a web series pilot, and it got into the Soho International Film Festival. It’ll be premiering on May 17th at 11am.

Here’s the teaser:


I also just found out that it’ll be screening out in LA in May for the Hollyshorts Horror Night screening, which is awesome, too.

Another project I worked on last year, The Waves by Venise Stephenson, got into two festivals in the last month. The Langston Hughes African American Film Festival in Seattle, and The Art of Brooklyn Festival in May. Can’t wait to go to that screening!

Tomorrow, we shoot more of The Thing, and then I get back to work editing Stuck.

So, things are moving, slowly but surely. Fingers crossed we keep that momentum going.

Thanks for reading!

John Painz


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