Thanksgiving 2014

I did a very thorough Thanksgiving post two years ago. I don’t have it in me to do another one. But I do have some people I’m thankful for that I have to talk about.

It’s been a crazy year.

Early this year I embarked on making my first feature film, and I didn’t do it alone.

My mom and Karen continue to be very supportive while I go through what can only be called a premature mid-life crisis, or trying to find the real me, or some spiritual path that has determined that being broke and depressed builds character.

They’ve been great through it all.

Julie Sisson and Lynn Mancinelli, my producers, were there to help guide me through the process while I tried to do something I would not recommend, ever. Act in my own movie.

The fuck was I thinking?

Anyway, they were great, and I couldn’t have done it without them.

With them were Michael Hobbs and Jalen Thompson, who rounded out our small crew. They did such wonderful work, and I am grateful they gave it their all.

Holly Hughes and Crystal Vagnier took time out of their days to come by and help, and the shoots went infinitely easier with them.

Katie McHugh, Pete Migliorini, and Marc Palmieri helped secure three VERY important locations. I would have been in a significant amount of distress without them. Thank you all.

Randy Sharp, Louis Pannullo, Alison Digesere, and a ton of other people donated their hard earned money to help make the film happen. Couldn’t have made it without them.

Johnny Rebecchi, who rented us his camera for what can only be considered a criminally low rate. Thank you so much, dude.

My cat Doc, who allowed us to film him in a number of strange situations. All of them legal, mind you. But he was great, and I swear he’s gonna steal the whole movie.

Satomi Hofmann, Katie Howe, Britt Genelin, Galit Sperling, Brennan Lowery, Brian Sloan, Christian Jacobs, Stephanie Ervin, and Brian Linden. What a fantastic cast. I got great performances out of them all, and I couldn’t be happier.

Melanie Ryan, David King, Louis, again, Samantha Livingston, Charmaine Broad, Edward Kassar, Ian Bjorklund, Regina Bettincourt, Drew Jeeves, James Honderich, and Kelsey O’brien round out the rest of the cast. They were great, and I really appreciate you all taking the time to allow me to film in your homes!

Scott Hampton, Evgeniy Yavtushenko, and Terry Derkach round out my post production help. They’ve done a great job, I’m very happy with the work they did for Stuck.

For anyone I forgot, my sincerest apologies. It’s 8:40 on Thanksgiving, 2014, and I am in dire need of dinner number 2. Don’t take it personally.

It’s been a dream of mine to be a feature filmmaker. It was a dream I gave up on when I was younger. These things happen. I’m just glad I was able to come around full circle, write something I was happy enough with to want to take a gamble on producing, and wrangle all of these people to make it happen.

I’m thankful to all my friends and family, too, but you should already know that.

Thanks for reading.



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